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A Pastor, A Mama, And The Mouse

Getting closer!

Less than one week!! Six days until our vacation … and I could not be more excited. I have been drained and drained some more and drained some more – this mama is ready for some time and fun in the sun! 

Let’s chat here for a second about packing. Normally we drive down to Disney (well anywhere we go) and you might say – wait you live in WYOMING you’re insane! Yes, I know I am, BUT when there’s 5 of you its just so much cheaper. THIS time since we will only be there less than a handful of days the stipulation was we save up and fly. So flying we are! 

Packing for us can tend to look a little different due to have a deaf kiddo. We have to make sure all of her chargers, a dry box, extra supplies, and certain hair accessories are all packed so that we can ensure the safety of her cochlear implants, charging devices so we know they will work, her aqua kit so she can hear us in the water, and so much more. Besides all of that, and normal items you would pack (clothes and sunscreen) … I’m going to give you some of my favorite things to pack for Disney! 

  • First aid kit 

Yes, there are first aid centers all over the parks BUT when you’re traveling with kiddos. We bring bandaids, Tylenol, ibuprofen, as a bare minimum with us into the parks. 

  • Ponchos

It’s Florida. It rains. Trust me – I lived there for a year. Make sure you have ponchos with you. You can bring an umbrella but believe me, its so much easier to just use a poncho. And according to my husband you can’t get any better than the Disney ones you’re just gonna spend a little moola on them. 

  • Water bottles/sippy cups

Again, it’s Florida. It’s hot. Make sure you have some way to be able to drink water as you go. I have been seeing recently that Disney World has put in several more water bottle refill stations throughout the park. Granted, if you forget water bottles you can always ask for some ice water at any quick service or even Starbucks and get it for free. Make sure you stay hydrated! 

  • Extra shoes

Going along with the rain thing – I like to pack a pair of flip-flops or something to wear when it’s actually raining. It isn’t rain like a little sprinkle – it monsoons, flash floods, the whole nine yards. Your shoes are going to get wet. I don’t like soggy sneakers so I bring flip flops. 

  • Hair Ties

These come in handy for many different things besides tying up your hair or your little ones hair. Too hot and need to tie up a shirt? Eat too much and need to expand your pants a little bit? You know … all the things. 

  • Hand sanitizer 

This isn’t just a post covid thing either. There’s a lot of people who ride the buses, monorails, rides, etc …. Just do yourself a favor and bring some Hand sanitizer. 

And most importantly …. Your magic bands. If you got the magic band+ and will be going soon … here’s your reminder to charge them! Don’t worry …. I still have to charge mine as well. 

If you’re like my husband who seems to think he will have 10 accidents every single day for a 4 day trip you will pack about 15 outfits, pairs of underwear, and 10 pairs of socks. My girls we like to find princess dresses that aren’t costumes, but are super cute and you can tell what princess (or character) they are. My girls swear by their crocs in the parks, and I’m sure H is going to try and talk us into a new pair while we are there (she’s really good at that and is already talking about her Disney money that she has). Now, I still will pack my makeup and wear it in the parks. I use Farmasi makeup and skin care and that stuff LASTS. I swear by it in the Florida humidity (but I will have more on that later … you can check it out here though Of course we will bring any mouse ears and even found this SUPER cute princess backpack on clearance at Walmart today for H to carry her stuff in on the plane (T got a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. one). 

Of course don’t forget any sort of charging device that you may need and some extra charging blocks for in the parks as well. The Disney App is amazing, but does drain your battery. That and all the pictures you’re going to take because I mean …. Disney. My favorite place to look and make sure I haven’t missed anything is I have been using their lists and tricks and tips for years (I now seriously feel like a pro at all of it because of them!) So go check out some of the info they have as well!

By today my bag is completely packed … I’m kind of a pain like that. I need to have everything packed way ahead so I can focus on getting the house to where it needs to be and only pack last minute things the day we leave for the airport. 

What do you like to pack when you head on vacation? Anything out there and crazy? Something someone would say is just plain weird? Let me know! 


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