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A Pastor, A Mama, And The Mouse

It’s right there …. just open your eyes.

Have you ever been praying for something and praying for something and it actually happens but you don’t recognize it so because it doesn’t LOOK how YOU wanted it to look? You’re looking for God in the every day and the mundane and He is showing up and showing off but you’re looking for the big fireworks display and instead He is keeping your car running when it shouldn’t be. He’s making it so your money stretches when it really shouldn’t. He is giving you every resource available.

I was quietly reminded of this the other night. H was up screaming for about 45 minutes and when she finally calmed down I asked her what was wrong. Her mouth hurt. I looked inside and didn’t see anything wrong, but it seemed as though she was getting a molar in. I quickly held my hand to her jaw and prayed for the pain to stop. I just wanted it to stop abruptly. I know God can do it, I’ve seen him heal in many other ways He absolutely could do this. 10 minutes go by and she is still crying (and we all know mouth pain is the absolute worst). So I took her into the bathroom to see if maybe I missed something. I didn’t it’s just a tooth trying to break through and that’s when I just opened the bathroom cabinet and found a bottle of Tylenol and some thieves oil sitting right there. I could have sworn we were completely out of both things. I quickly put some thieves oil on her gums for immediate relief and some Tylenol to help her fall asleep enough that it wouldn’t both her anymore. And it was in that moment that God spoke to me and said “I had already given it to you, you just had to receive it.” He was taking her pain away – just not in the way I wanted him to take it away.

I was reading this morning in the book of Proverbs chapter one and came across this verse:

“I called you so often, but you wouldn’t come.

I reached out to you, but you paid no attention.” Proverbs 1:24

God reminded me again – see I am speaking, I am giving, I’m RIGHT HERE …. YOU just need to receive what I am giving to you. I’m giving you that out. I’m giving you the desires of your heart. I’m giving you provision. I’m giving you strength. I’m giving you everything – you just need to step up and take it.

What are you needing today from God? What have you been begging Him for? What have you been so desperately seeking and feel like He just isn’t listening? Is it really because He isn’t listening? Or IS He answering in a way that you’re just blocking out – when in reality you just need to step up and take it, because it’s already yours?

Here’s your Wednesday wisdom – He’s already answered you, yes YOU, He has already answered. You just need to receive it.


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