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A Pastor, A Mama, And The Mouse

Rules Rules Rules

You ever feel like that bad parent? Like all you do is yell and punish your child because they just can’t seem to figure it out? You’re trying your hardest not to lose your cool or to yell or to punish because kids are kids but then they just take full advantage of you and you have to lose your cool because rules are there for a reason. 

You put rules in place in your home, in your vehicle when traveling, when you’re out in the grocery store or at the park …. We put rules into place so that we know that our children are safe and protected and that hopefully nothing will ever happen to them, right?

We have laws that we have to follow like … buckling up for safety. Following the speed limit, stop signs, traffic lights … pay for your things you’re buying … in the daycare world we have rules about how many kids we can have per adult in the room and what kind of safety things we need to put into place and how much fresh air time our kids are supposed to receive. At home we have rules following chores, and special events, and brushing your teeth and your hair and bathing so you don’t stink. When we go to the lake we have to be careful and follow the rules so we don’t accidentally go off path and find a wild animal we probably want to stay far far away from. We need to know the rules or the laws  in order to stay safe. 

In the book of Galatians Paul has to confront Peter about something … PETER. Yes, if you’re familiar with the Bible … THAT Peter. Peter is actually my husband’s favorite disciple. He seems to always be doing something he shouldn’t, flying off the handle, sticking his foot in his mouth …. And yet you can just feel his pure LOVE and devotion for Christ. Paul has to remind Peter pretty much not to be a hypocrite. He used to dine with everyone and all of a sudden he seems to be acting like he is far better than others and refuses to dine with the Gentiles. This sends Paul into a rant … sort of. He begins to tell Peter that we are all sinners. Yes, they were born Jews, but that didn’t matter anymore. That because He followed Christ now all of the Jewish laws are null and void. They don’t matter. Living by the law brings down condemnation for everything that you do wrong. That’s not Christ. That’s not love. There is no condemnation in Christ. There is love. There is discernment. There is discipline. There is conviction. There is NO condemnation. 

Paul then goes and turns his attention to the people of Galatia and begins to explain even further: 

Did living by the law give us the Holy Spirit? No it didn’t. 

Did living by the law give us the inheritance that was promised to Abraham? No it did not. 

If living by the law was going to save us then we didn’t need Christ to die for us. 

The law was put into place in order for God to protect his people. Give them something to occupy their time and follow until the day came when Christ would die for our sins and we could fully live for Him. Just like rules and regulations are placed on us in life and in our work places and we put into place in our homes – it was for protection – but the law cannot save us. The law does not fulfill God’s promises. Christ has died for us. Now we can enter into a personal relationship with Him where we can learn and grow. Where we are heirs to not only Christ’s kingdom but the promise that was given to Abraham so very many years ago. 

Don’t let the laws of religion drag you down. Run to Jesus. Cling to Him. Don’t fall back into those religious spirits and mindsets of looking down on those around you. Embrace them. Love them like Christ loves them. You want to see kingdom work, you want to do kingdom work – that’s what needs to be done. The rest will simply fall into place as you go. 

And if you’ve been hurt by someone in that religious mindset – please let me be the first to apologize. I’m so sorry that happened. Quite frankly people can suck – please don’t let them be your impression of Christ. Of a father who truly deeply loves you. 

That’s all I have for now – Remember, You are seen. You are heard. You are loved. Jesus loves you so very much – and I kinda think you’re a rockstar, too. 


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